...they create a deeply moving, inspiring piece of work. Effortlessly blending together elements of jazz and gospel into a satisfying whole. Indeed, the lyrics are the heart and soul... ”


Having shared their dynamic, harmony driven vocal and instrumental talents in hundreds of performances from New England to Nashville, multi talented five-some The KC Sisters are putting a fresh new spin on the term “Sister Act” Harkening back to the heyday of family groups, with rootsy Americana sounds that incorporates folk, country, gospel, R&B, and jazz, the Casey siblings continue to solidify their place in the music world. 

What sets The KC Sisters apart form any other group of musical siblings or Indi band is their musical diversity, transcendent ease with three and four part harmonies, and the fact that each sister is a multi-talented vocalist and musician skilled in a variety of instruments.

Over the past few years The KC Sisters have developed an enthusiastic regional fan base via their numerous appearances on live TV and radio, hundreds of concerts including country fairs, churches farmers markets, benefit concerts, libraries museums and festivals, and multiple appearances at sporting events including The Hartford Wolf Pack, The Hartford Yard Goats, Lime Rock Race Track and the US Gymnastics qualifying event for women.

“Parables” is one of their most exciting shows. This one hour event will take you through inspirational original songs, beautiful hymns and spirituals, and a smattering of standards as well as moving parables and true stories.




"Touch the Sky shows off the impressive vocal and lyrical stylings of the KC Sisters...they create a deeply moving inspiring piece of work. Effortlessly blending together elements of jazz and gospel into a satisfying whole...Indeed, the lyrics are the heart and soul of the song tying all else together with almost a poetic sensibility to them. Able to look ahead they have a pitch perfect arrangement, one that grows with their powerful voices. Indeed they pay close attention to all aspects of the sound, from the small flourish of the strings to the power of the piano as it grows stronger with each reiteration. A hushed beginning starts the piece. Delicate piano gives the piece a solid backbone as the first voice enters into the mix. Slowly the rest of the voices are woven into the track. From there a slow yet steady rhythm emerges. When the piece truly comes into bloom layer upon layer of sound are woven so delicately into the songs overall message.”

Beach Sloth - Skope Magazine