...stirring up an explosive Americana flavored vocal/instrumental mix of Folk, Country, Gospel and more!”


Having shared their dynamic, harmony driven vocal and instrumental excitement in hundreds of performances throughout their home state of Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, the multi-talented five-some “The KC Sisters” are putting a fresh new spin on the term “Sister Act.” Harkening back to the heyday of family groups, with a rootsy Americana sound that incorporates folk, country, gospel, R&B, and jazz, the Casey siblings are now emerging as song writers and recording artists following their recent trip to Nashville to work with renowned producer Pat Holt.

What sets The KC Sisters apart from any other group of musical siblings or indie bands is their musical diversity, transcendent ease with three and four part harmonies, and the fact that each sister is a multi-talented vocalist and musician skilled in a variety of instruments. Deanna, 21 and Noelle,19, play violin, piano, drums, guitar and bass. Their younger sisters are 17 year old Tasha (violin, drums, piano, bass) and 15 year olds Elise (violin, cello, bass, piano, drums, guitar) and Kathleen (violin, bass, drums, piano, guitar). Their shows include multi-harmonized vocals, country fiddling, acapella hymns, pop, jazz, standards, and country music.


Over the past few years The KC Sisters have developed an enthusiastic regional fan base via their numerous appearances on live TV and radio, hundreds of concerts including country fairs, churches farmers markets, benefit concerts, libraries, museums and festivals, and multiple appearances at sporting events including The Hartford Wolf Pack, The Hartford Yard Goats, Lime Rock Race Track and the US Gymnastics qualifying event for women.






“Touch the Sky is an inspirational effort that is inspired by the work of Amy Grant and Joni Mitchell. The song is tender and will be appreciated by anyone that has had the joy of familial love. Daddy Came Home is another strong effort from The KC Sisters, as the track deals with a heavy topic – when someone a family loves changes as a result of a major life effect. The single soars on the back of multi-part harmonies and a lighter approach to the instrumentation. The aforementioned arrangement provides proper highlighting at all the right places, ensuring that fans will be on the edges of their seats until the song’s final note. How the Irish Won the West is an effort that requires that fans play the song a number of times before hearing everything that The KC Sisters have included into the mix. The intricate design (three fiddles as a focal point) touch upon traditional country and western along with bluegrass and folk genres."

James McQuiston - NeuFutur Magazine