We'll work on your behalf to promote and further your music career. From booking venues and negotiating fees and contracts, to promotion and public relations, managing social media accounts and websites, and providing insight and opinions on career decisions as needed, etc. We take care of the business aspects, so you can focus on the music.


We create a press kit and contact appropriate venues based on your genre, fan base, and locations you're willing to travel. If a gig offer is received, we will negotiate your best possible compensation. We will continue to correspond with the venue on your behalf, and work out logistics to ensure a successful show. If interested, we can also provide promotional assistance for gigs booked by KREG, in the form of posters, press releases, social media, etc.

We will create posters for your shows, which can be used for print and online media.  A press release will be composed and sent to all media outlets (newspapers & radio) within a 25 mile radius of gig location, and we will post to those same outlets on both Facebook and Twitter if that option is available. As a client, you will be featured on our website, and promoted on Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter and Instagram.

***For events of a greater scale such as a CD Release, Music Festival, etc., press MUST be sent a minimum of one month in advance to ensure exposure. We will then do a second round of promotion two weeks prior to the event, and again the week of. If you know that you will be needing promotional services for an event of this nature, please do not wait until the last minute.

We will set up your social media pages (Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and assist in building your fan base.  We can also get you started with mailing list and newsletters, if needed. After the initial work is done, you have the option of either taking over your accounts, or we will manage your accounts for you.

We will create posters for your shows, events, festivals, and other requests as needed.

From the Ground Up - Let us build your new home on the web! We will create a fantastic website to promote your craft. Once your website is finished, you have the option of maintaining it on your own, or we will take care of it for you.

Revamp - Do you already have an established website, but think it could use some work? Let us take a look at it, and we'll create a brand new image for you!

We'll work with you to create an album design that you can be proud of!  We've worked with various packaging designs and templates, so we can find the right one for the look and feel that you want. 

Business Cards, Postcards, Mailing Lists, Brochures, Banners, Signage, Clothing... we can take care of it all!

Tour planning and support is reserved for clients that we already have an established working relationship with, and artists we are familiar with. Those interested should contact us directly.

It's time to celebrate! You've already put in the hard work to complete the album, so let us take care of the release party! We will contact the venue, secure the date & time, correspond with venue and handle logistics from start to finish, compose and send press releases, promote on social media sites, invite all local media (if appropriate), send out invitations as requested, and maintain guest list.  In some cases, a representative from Kindred Roots Entertainment Group may be available to be on-site for the duration of your event if needed. Please be sure to check with us ahead of time.

Let us create an exceptional EPK for you! Press kits will include short bio, high-resolution photo, press quotes, media links, and music/video samples.  This can be sent with booking requests, and/or added to your website.

Are you thinking about doing a large-scale event? Get in touch with us... we'll assist with the logistics, and make your event a success from start to finish!

Do you have a website, but you're not sure if you have everything there that should be? Are you posting on your Facebook wall and tweeting like crazy on Twitter, but you're not getting results? Are you promoting shows, and just not getting any online reaction? We can set up a consultation where we will examine all of these issues, make some positive suggestions for improvements, and start getting you the attention that you deserve!

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