Kindred Roots Entertainment Group was the brain child of Jenn Armstrong; Manager, Agent, Publicist, Designer, Social Media Guru, Event Planner Extraordinaire... a woman of many hats, indeed!

Jenn's innate love for music and pure joy in helping others truly framed the foundation on which Kindred Roots Entertainment Group was built.  What started out as an innocent hobby of promoting local artists and shows, quickly evolved to more than she ever expected; in a relatively short period of time, she was not only working locally in New England and the Tri-State area, but working internationally, reaching as far as the United Kingdom. Producing posters and promotional materials became a daily routine, in addition to managing personal websites and social media pages, running street teams, coordinating mailings, booking artists, handling logistics for shows and larger scaled events, among many other tasks. Jenn truly acknowledged her talents and completely immersed herself into the music scene, garnering praise from numerous artists in recognition of her work ethic and professional prowess.  She has a creative and keen eye for detail and design, and the structure and discipline to focus and meet deadlines. Jenn not only gets the job done, but she often goes above and beyond what is expected.  

Our goal is to put forth our best efforts, and produce only the best work for our clients.  As the careers of our artists expand, we are committed to being able and available to accommodate that growth, and keep up with the ever-changing industry trends. In fact, we have recently undergone an expansion of our own.  We are now a full-service entertainment agency, offering all aspects to support powerful and effective management, booking, promotion, graphic & web design, event planning services, and every detail in between. I invite you to take a look around our home here on the web, and get in touch with us to see how Kindred Roots Entertainment Group can serve YOU!

*** In addition to 16 years in the music industry, Jenn has earned an outstanding rapport through her extensive background (10+ years) as an administrative professional and educator, serving elementary/middle school, high school and higher education.

Do It With Passion, Or Not At All...”

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